Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Day of Rest?

I turned on my laptop to the news of the bomb blast in Kaduna. I read a suicide bomber hit St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Malali, GRA Kaduna. The attack occurred this morning during the morning mass. The actual number of victims is yet to be ascertained but reports say the Reverend father is seriously injured. The suicide bomber’s half blown body is surrounded by emergency services.

The deteriorating state of affairs in Nigeria is way past alarming. Why won't people live and let live?
How can these bombers claim they are fighting for anything when it is unclear what they are fighting for and taking innocent lives! I doubt the Quran teaches this and it angers me when people use religion as a justification for violence.

I can only do my bit by praying for those poor people and their families in church today. At the same time thank God for my life and those of my family and loved ones.

Happy Sunday folks.

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