Saturday, 27 October 2012

This is Me!

Welcome Guys!
I was worried about what to put in my first post and thought to myself, if I didn't know what to put in my first post then I’m doomed to fail. However, as my fingers started moving on the keyboard, stringing words together, I found that the words actually made sense! Hmm…

I have always loved to read and if there’s one thing I am known for it would be that! Writing on the other hand has been a guilty pleasure of mine but never had the guts to actually go for it. Why, you ask? There’s no complex answer really, I’m just a coward! Opening this blog is my first step towards exploring my passions and most importantly sharing it with you all. Besides being my virtual diary, I will be blogging on other interests which involves art, fashion and gossip as well  :p

Opening this blog is exciting for me and more so discovering where it will lead to; the new friendships, lessons, opportunities and all the moments that keep redefining and shaping my life.

This blog is also about YOU so please don’t feel shy to drop a line now and then, it will be highly appreciated and encouraging to me as well. You wouldn't want to be a dream killer now, would you? You can follow me on twitter and drop me a message anytime.

Lots of Love


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