Saturday, 9 March 2013

This Life

Life is worth living and fighting for. Most times. 

This year started with such a rush but now it looks slow, or is it moving so fast that it seems like its moving slow? I guess that's possible. 

Its not how long you've lived but how well. One of my greatest fears is dying without accomplishing my dreams and not doing what I enjoy. People say, 'Life is short, do what you want cos you might get hit by a bus tomorrow'. How many people will actually get hit by the bus after 'living the life'? They forget about what happens after. Forget that there might be consequences for their actions which they might be held accountable for.

The whole thing is about balance I think. Enjoy your life and stay true to yourself but do it with love and respect. Respect for yourself and others. Easier said than done? Well, I'm also figuring it out as I go.


  1. well paragraph 's just me..

    but that pic****

    1. Thanks.
      What about the pic? Focus jor :p

  2. And as u dey do am, don't forget the Lord thy God....its not all about doing what is right which is a MUST!

    And that pix, hope its not what I'm thinking wrt this write up?

    1. Yes, God comes first but its about doing and not just saying.

      The pic again? Haha. It reflected my sober mood ;)


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