Saturday, 1 December 2012

24 Days to go!

I picked up my phone to read the message that just came through. I punched in my reply and after 5 minutes a deal was set. Do up Christmas tree for lots of chocolates and cookies with a movie afterwards. Not a bad way to spend ones day :D 

 Not that I'm a 'good conventional' christian but in order not to get caught up in the show of what Christmas is turning to I'm thinking of making this one more meaningful. So I'm going to inspire myself and do up my home, get the family involved, go to church this advent hoping this time it'll be permanent and not to forget the food, muffins and cakes to sweeten this yuletide season. 

 Another thing I think I'll do is select 3-5 random people who don't have much and gift them a Christmas hamper. Don't know what I am going to put in hamper yet but probably a mix of little items that will be useful to whoever gets the hamper. Any thoughts? 

 Anyhoo, so after all the work, gossip, cookies, laughs and movie, I'd say we did a pretty good job :)


  1. OH Dear!
    That's so lovely..

  2. Thats very sweet bebe.
    ''Conventional'' could mean a 12 dozens of anything in that context o!

  3. Yes it's almost Christmas, checkout my blog at
    feel free to leave a comment


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