Sunday, 30 December 2012

Through the Looking Glass

ijecandy self reflection

Why bother with New Year resolutions if we don't keep them? If I want to be reminded of failures I know where to look, hehehehehe.

A friend asked recently, 'What would you like to change in 2013?' I replied 'Nothing'. He was surprised. My logic is simple, in my opinion, if I want to make a change I try to work on it then and not save it for the coming year. No doubt resolutions help us plan for the future but as a one-day-at-a-time person its harder to do that. 

Rather than making resolutions, I mourn the tragic loss of lives of the 4 guys in the ALUU community, the shooting of the kids and teachers in Connecticut and the dead girl from New Delhi who was a victim of a gruesome rape. All of whom and their families didn't get to celebrate Christmas like the rest of us. If I am to make a resolution it is to acquire a scientist who can fuse gamma with my DNA or a Tony Stark to create a suit for me so that I can hunt down these criminals!

Reflecting on a personal level, this year has been a very enlightening one, in my relationship, dealing with friends, work and family; these lessons will guide my steps in the coming year. I know what it means to love a person and to be loved back, to loose a loved one, be strong, to cry, not to say no to chocolate, to be a bitch hehehe and be grateful!! There's so much to be thankful for not to mention making it through the year in one piece, albeit a slightly modified version :D

Overall, this year was better than the last and I can be happy with this knowledge because it shows progress! I can't wait for 2013 and what it has to offer because it will definitely be a very exciting year. Oh yes it will! Hahaha!  


  1. I so much share the same view with you despite the fact that you have not disputed the logic behind "new year, new resolution".

    I don't have plans also for next year, but know what needs to be achieved before the years runs out,coupled with some other basic principles.sort of new year, new resolution sha.

    Finally, we should thank God for keeping us all till this very moment....many calamities unfolded during this period of December, especially 25th...may God grant them all the fortitude and console them all.

    Happy new year in advance my candy!


    1. Happy New Year to you too Ayo :)

      I did, in a subtle way, mean there's no need keeping for next year what can be done now.

      The end of the year is mote of a self reflection than making promises I can't promise to fulfil, hahaha.

      Like you said, I'm thankful to God to have another year :)

  2. Lovely
    will comment tomorrow..
    **kinda freezed**


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