Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Love For The Written Word

It's 2013!

I started off the New Year in divine company, good friends, good food, peaceful and relaxed. If this sets the tone for the rest of the year then I'll be in nirvana.

It is no secret I love books and reading. Nothing gets my pheromones activated as quickly as beautifully bound books with lovely words in its pages. I could live in a bookstore! In fact I plan on running one in my future and with the thoughts in my head its going to be off the chain! Uh huh!

With all the craziness of work, family, love and life, I need a break and it lies in the written word. Just thinking about it makes me swallow hehehe. Unfortunately, I don't get to read as often as I would love to so when I do the story has to be worth it.

I have found it is easier to stick with short stories so I will be reading them here on my blog. Stories from young local writers that I admire, stories that keep me entertained and view my life from a different, twisted angle.

If only people read more, the world would be such a happier place!




  1. Bring it on, but not those boring ones over-spiced with fictions and colloquials!

    1. Have you read The Sting? Do that and let me know if that's boring!


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