Saturday, 26 January 2013

Taking A Chiller

Arrghh, I am so pissed off with people right now!

Is it really so hard for ‘friends’ to reconcile? Seriously if reconciliation was the aim, why go out of your way to make it worse? Is it so important to sound right or to have the last say than putting it behind you and moving on? When will people realize that when you listen more and speak less certain situations can be avoided? Like I heard recently, there are 2 things you can never take back, the bullet fired from your gun and the words out of your mouth. We are so overwhelmed with ‘noise’ daily that we have forgotten the beauty in listening and being quiet.

Some people are more interested in their image and I know my reaction don’t help matters because I just don’t give a rat’s ass. If you want to spend the whole day arguing issues then knock yourself out. Don’t expect a response from me though. When you are ready to converse then let me know. I’ll be here.

Have you lost a friendship over a reason so silly that you can’t even begin to narrate, because saying it out loud just sounds plain silly? Well, I guess the best to I can do is just wait it out and get busy. Hopefully wisdom will visit us both soon and the right thing will be done.

Err, I’m actually feeling better, hehehe. Surprising how writing and music takes the edge off. Thunder fire anyone that is planning on disturbing my peace today :P


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