Wednesday, 9 January 2013


It isn't always easy to share the intimate part of your soul with another person. First, we are very lucky if we can find that person who would care enough to know and still love you regardless. Secondly, even if you do find that special someone - friend, lover, sibling - to make you care enough to want to share at all, can you share without holding back?

I think I have been honest 'enough' with my dear and near ones and there is almost nothing I can't talk about. In the light of this why is it still a struggle to get that one thing out? Why can I talk to a stranger about this one thing and not to the ones I love? Is it that I fear judgement or pity? I guess its because I might never see that stranger again, making it seem as if the burden has travelled far away never to return.

I have been brutally honest with you dear ones, but that was only because I know you so well and that we'll be as good as new in the end. If only I could say the same for everyone, because its only a matter of time till I  lose some of you. The clock is ticking.

Dear ones, don't feel as though I don't or can't trust you, despite the countless things you share with me. Its just that I fear I may never forget once I've told you. Weird, right? Give me a little time and this burden of mine which you so want to share with me will be gladly offered.

I love you. You do know that, right? :)


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