Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fate? Whatever!

I don't recall the day exactly; neither the time nor place but I do remember how I felt. Looking into those eyes, I knew I would never forget them. Ever.

Is there really such a thing as destiny or fate, or are we simply delaying the inevitable trying to take control of our lives? It is disturbing to think that my life has been mapped out and all I have to do is play along. Surrender? Hmm, I don't know but decisions that I make, no matter how hard, are what I think is best for me and the situation at that moment.

Looking back is there anything I'd want to change? I'm tempted to say yes but if I did hanged anything I wouldn't know now what I should know. So whether I'm playing into the hands of destiny/fate or not I still revel in those moments, a kiss, the melt of chocolate in my mouth, a good movie or book, admiring beautiful art, even the scent of my shower gel! :D Everything can wait as I soak this all in. I can block out the voice reminding me that I need to rush to the next stop in the blueprint of my life.

I can't believe a pair of eyes got me thinking all this. Mscheeew!


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