Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Women who cheat are worse than men who do?

"Men are not perfect but some women now say, if men can cheat why can't we? Can you imagine that?"

Hahahaha! That statement up there is hilarious! Did such men think they could carry on cheating indefinitely without any consequences?

This topic has been overflogged no doubt but it never gets old. I do not support cheating from man or woman but it is ludicrous that people think when a woman cheats its much more worse than when a man does. Such archaic sentiments from the same men that want independent women who can excite and challenge them intellectually. I laugh in pidgin!

I am not fighting for equality here cos there aren't enough hours today to get into that subject. Extremism of any type is bad and I am better off forming my ever dynamic values and tenets, living in a way that will yield satisfaction for me and my partner.

There are certain situations that will drive a man or woman to cheat on their partner and I can understand that. However, why is it worse for her than him when caught? Why is so much expected from women than men? Shouldn't it be the other way around especially for those men who cheat and claim to be superior over women? Lol, that one is another topic for another day cos now I no fit shout! Is it not women that these men cheat on their partners with? Are they not someone's daughter, sister, partner? Hehehe, blood of God! Double standards of the highest order. Keziah Donatus, you dey vex say another man dey chop when you dey distribute your akamu everywhere? I dey hail una o! :D

What is worse is fellow women who think the same way. A man will cheat on them countless times and they will keep taking him back but the moment a woman they know cheats they rain curses and abuses on her and will even tell the man not to forgive her or take her back. Why are you women so heartless? Is it because you have been eyeing her man or that you are yet to be courted by a man let alone married? Bad belle!

Abeg let me not give myself a migraine. These problems will be remain when I come back.


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