Thursday, 31 January 2013

The IMSU Diary - 4

Suspicious...... Serious sociological students studying at love garden? Okay oo!! Hope those guys don't have any agenda on their mind though. Lets cross our fingers and keep watching, hehehe.

And what do you know! Female students doing what they does best. Gisting/Gossiping/Gbeborun (G Power!). It would be wisest not to interfere in these 'study' sessions! Just minding my own business.


(to be continued)...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

To Get Or Not To Get A Crystal Ball?

I wake up every day not knowing what it holds but I go on with my plans with the conjured premonition that it will be good and back to my bed for the night.

My meeting with A which was on the schedule and not too noteworthy proved to be the opposite. After getting over the rude shock I realised it was a blessing in disguise. Not exactly the way I'd hoped but I guess I don't have a say in how these things play out.

You know that dry month spell, when you've reached your budget spend or saving up for something, you walk into a mall and all the clothes and shoes on display are exactly what you've been looking for your whole life! You then have all this cash to throw away, head back to those stores to pick up these treasures only to find that on closer look you hate them? Yup, it’s one of those frustrating things but nothing wrong with having the cash though. 

It's like a superhero who has a power, like knowing how to tell when others are in danger, but can't tell when  he's the one in danger. Tsk! 

Sometimes, I wish Life gave us a monthly review of what to expect so that we can be better prepared to have the rug pulled from underneath us. Come to think of it, I wish God gave out report cards so I could see where I'm trumping and where I'm not. When it's not a matter of life and death then living for the moment and surprises can be a welcome in fact.

It is funny how easily I make decisions when it’s a crucial moment. It’s all about what is necessary, everything else is an accessory. Makes me wonder why I couldn't see the essentials earlier till this moment. I guess that's a way to view unforeseen situations just go ahead with the necessary and get the job done.

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Sting - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The music was still blaring out from the speakers at the highest volume and most part of the hall might not have heard the gunshot but that did not mean they did not know what was going on as the usual commotion associated with gunshots took over. The first scream, panic, then people running at the same time, tumbling over bottles on the floor, the massive crash of human bodies to the floor not to mention chairs getting in the way leading to more people hitting the ground faster than anyone could have thrown them.

At the other end, those who did not hear the gunshot or probably thought the noise was from something else stood, looking ahead to figure out what was causing all the commotion. Some strong hearted ones even attempted to walk in the direction of the commotion to see if it is a fight they can pacify so as not to spoil the fun while those who are not so strong at heart just looked on and tried to figure out what could be causing the ruckus when another gun went off in another corner.

At this point, it was clear as day what was happening. Clear to all that there was either a gun fight or someone in the hall was getting killed.

Another gunshot. But this time, it was not met with the same reaction as the first group as some made for the windows, some for the exits and some just decided to lie face down on the floor wishing to be spared.

At the time Bear grabbed Wunmi’s hand and made for the door without uttering a word. Sunday followed behind him when the gunshots started. The first jolted Sunday right into his pants as he ran in the direction everyone went and lost contact with Bear. Bear on the other hand was not new to this and he was not about to let himself be intimidated by his enemies so still clutching Wunmi’s hand, he looked back, and held her head down. He turned around hoping to see Sunday behind him but he was gone. Bear spotted him run in one direction, he was hard to miss.

He thought of leaving him behind and going out with just Wunmi but what will be said that him, an Elder leaving behind a recruit he introduced and was handling at the mercy of the enemy so he grabbed Wunmi who was scared beyond words, still holding her head down and went after Sunday.

Sunday found it difficult to wade through the population. It was a filled hall and everyone trying to get out of it at the same time can’t be easy at all. The thought that he was there with Bear did not cross his mind. He just wanted to go out. The bravery he had to walk back and tell Bear about what he saw was gone; it fizzled out the moment the first gun went off. This was way beyond him and nobody prepared him for this. His mind was going wild with just one thing going through it which was to run, find an entrance/exit and get the hell out of there and keep running. As he ran his mind was still filled with survival when some guy in black suddenly stopped him.

“What is going on?”

Questions better left unanswered. He did not even have the thought to answer; he just kept struggling, trying to make head way from the shots. He looked back and saw the guy go in the direction he was coming from.

He shook his head; some people just have death wishes.

Bear still clinging onto Wunmi who by now was sobbing loudly headed for Sunday. He was big so it was easy for him to shove people out of his way and the fact that he had the strength was also working. He kept moving people off with one hand and the other hand was holding Wunmi whose brain has registered a couple of things. The place was not safe anymore, she had to get out or do something and Bear was there to save her. He tucked her head down once again which meant her head should stay down and follow him wherever he pulls her to. Not much thinking was going on in her head but that was the panic message her brain was sending to her.

She followed him without even stopping just like the proverbial sheep going to the slaughter house. While Sunday just kept going.

When Bear heard the second shot, the hand he was using to shove people out of his way went to one place alone. Underneath his jacket. He had kept a gun there and with the way things are going in this room, he might need it if he intends to walk out alive with Wunmi and Sunday.

He looked up and did not see Sunday ahead of him, he panicked, the thought of Sunday lying down in blood went through his head but he thought against it when he saw the Royal member standing on the chair. They were still making an introduction to get people in the mood. To make them fear.

Fear was something he knew about and dealt in. He had done things like this too so it did not really matter to him; he knew he still had some time before they started looking for all the Skulls in the hall. He was sure of it.


When the second gun went off, Sunday was still trying to get away but this time it seemed like the gun went off in front of him. He looked up and saw the shooter, short and bulky but he could move. The shooter had jumped on top of the nearest chair and was shouting some commands. His voice was drowned by the music coming from a nearby speaker. Sunday ducked behind a table and thought to himself, “Shit this is getting serious. What am I doing here?”

He remembered that there was still one entrance left and the thought to make for it came to his head but his legs will not move. He was shocked and scared. He was in despair and panic was setting in. The mood all around him was not helping at all as everyone was either running around or lying face down.

He thought of lying down but he was not that person. He had to leave here right now not just because of the guns going off, but because he knows what the shooters have in mind and the scary bit dawned on him. He was a target.

This did not help his fear at all. What will he do?
What if they know he is a member of the Skulls?
What will be his fate?

These thoughts plagued his mind and did not get him thinking straight. He was still lost in these thoughts when a firm strong hand gripped him like a vice!

Bear spotted Sunday sitting on the floor doing a good job of staying out of sight but a bad job of trying to survive. He walked up to him and grabbed him.

Sunday jumped and looked at him scared. His face had turned white and his eyes had lost color which Bear could not miss. If not for the situation, it would have been a perfect Kodak moment but such thoughts can’t be given prominence now. The third gun went off with Bear kneeling in front of Sunday. Wunmi was beside him lost in some land far away.

The music from the speakers stopped as the DJ turned it off and started to pack his equipment into his bags. He was familiar with this university and their usual fraternity fights. There was always a rule to respect the DJ but when bullets start flying around, it is better to be safe than dwell on something that might not happen.

Bear motioned to Sunday to follow him and this time, he brought out his gun from his jacket. The gun was silver and the steel shone in the lights of the hall. He put the gun and his hand under his shirt; no need to show everyone what he carrying. It will only come to use when he needs the situation gets insane. To him, the situation was still in control.

Sunday tried to understand what Bear was trying to say but his brain could not focus and when he saw the gun in Bear’s hand, some parts of his senses came back.

Bear got tired of that means of communicating with his hands and said “Come with me”.

Sunday’s eyes betrayed a lack of trust as he swallowed hard.

“Come with me or else you are a dead Skull

The thought of him dead ran through his whole body and pumped adrenaline back into his system. He nodded at Bear in acknowledgement who looked at him again just to be sure before he turned and moved in the direction where the third gunshot came from.

Bear thought to himself. “This is crazy”  but he realized that if they blocked all three entrances, and he had no way out, he might not be able to shoot his way through and he was not sure if the members outside might try to shoot their way inside the hall. It would be too messy.

He had only one chance and that was to get out and once outside, well, this can really go anyway. He was still holding on to Wunmi who was lost in some world and he preferred it like that. It was better than her freezing off or being hysterical. This was better; she should just shut up and follow. Sunday was behind him now. His only wish is that he does not cower again and run off. He might just leave him behind.

Sunday found himself following Bear for reasons he did not know. He just knew this guy had a plan and he had to go with it. As long as it was still good that is.

A voice called from the center of the hall, “We are looking for the Skulls. Anyone know where they are?”

Bear got near the entrance and noticed that it was guarded by one guy in purple. He looked around and saw that others in the club were either lying down or being slapped and hit by the guys with guns. They were also beginning to shine torches at people’s faces looking for their enemies. This was his moment and he had to take it now.

He released Wunmi’s hand and faced Sunday. “You are Sting, a member of the Skulls. You need to start acting like one. He ordered quietly. “Watch her; let me try to move this guy out of our way”.

He snuck up on the guy at the door who was distracted by his other friends checking the faces of those in the hall.

A voice yelled angrily, “Where are the Skulls? I know they are here, or did they realize that they are not strong enough and have run away?”

(Mynd is a final year student of Mechanical Engineering at one of Nigeria's universities. When he's not busy being a nerd he spends his time writing, playing basketball, listening to music and laughing! You can reach him on

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Taking A Chiller

Arrghh, I am so pissed off with people right now!

Is it really so hard for ‘friends’ to reconcile? Seriously if reconciliation was the aim, why go out of your way to make it worse? Is it so important to sound right or to have the last say than putting it behind you and moving on? When will people realize that when you listen more and speak less certain situations can be avoided? Like I heard recently, there are 2 things you can never take back, the bullet fired from your gun and the words out of your mouth. We are so overwhelmed with ‘noise’ daily that we have forgotten the beauty in listening and being quiet.

Some people are more interested in their image and I know my reaction don’t help matters because I just don’t give a rat’s ass. If you want to spend the whole day arguing issues then knock yourself out. Don’t expect a response from me though. When you are ready to converse then let me know. I’ll be here.

Have you lost a friendship over a reason so silly that you can’t even begin to narrate, because saying it out loud just sounds plain silly? Well, I guess the best to I can do is just wait it out and get busy. Hopefully wisdom will visit us both soon and the right thing will be done.

Err, I’m actually feeling better, hehehe. Surprising how writing and music takes the edge off. Thunder fire anyone that is planning on disturbing my peace today :P

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Sting - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

When Sunday picked up the call, he was told to “show up” at a restaurant in town at 6 where they will be going to a party.

“But I have plans already. Bro, you can’t just call me and except me to come running over like that”.

Wale’s response was simple. “I call you, you show. Don’t argue with me”.

“Okay, I will be there, can I come with a friend?”

The line was quiet for a while.

“Is he a member? If he is not, don’t bring him”

A crazy idea came into Sunday’s head.

“How are you even sure it is a he?”

“Well if the person you are bringing is not a member, don’t bother”.

Luckily for him, Tayo had left him at the entrance to the cafeteria to start discussing with Sandra and her evil roommate. He checked his time, just enough time to go home, take a bath, have a change of clothes and head to the restaurant. Now he had to come up with an excuse to leave his friends and he had one immediately. He signaled to Tayo to come over.

“Look bro, I can’t hang out today”


“Anita. How can I sit down there and have her talk down on me like that? It’s like that girl hates me for asking her out and you will be too busy with Sandra to distract her so I think I will just go home”

“Okay, no problem, so we’ll see tomorrow right?”

“Sure no problem” was Sunday’s reply as he was already half way out. He did not really care what Tayo told them, but he knew Tayo will probably find some excuse and he went looking for a bus to take him home.

One hour later, he was standing in front of the restaurant waiting patiently for his sponsor to show up. He did not want to call him because it was just a minute past six and throughout him knowing Wale; he always showed up on time. After two minutes of waiting, Wale showed up in the company of two beautiful ladies. One who Sunday knew to be Wale’s girl but the other who actually looked more beautiful he had never seen or knew existed and he forced a smile out of his mouth. Signs of the fraternity were exchanged discreetly in the form of a handshake.

Wale went on to introduce the two girls.

“This is Tope and you know my girl, Wunmi, already”.

Handshakes were exchange and Wale did the most surprising thing. He introduced Sunday as StingWhen the names was first called, Sunday thought he was dreaming and it took him a while before he remembered that was his name now. Did they know Wale was also Bear? He wondered.

He stammered. “Yeah that’s me”

And Wale made a low remark. “Pussy”

“So okay, let’s get going”. 

Sunday who had no idea where they were going just walked behind them and when they got the Wale’s car, he opened the right back door and held it open for Tope. At first she was surprised and it was obvious that she had never experienced such before. Even Wale was a bit surprised. 

Wunmi looked back, smiled and said, “Wale, why can’t you be a gentleman like Sting here?”

Tope was now smiling as she got into the car and Wale gave Sunday a look that erased the smile from his face.

“Well we can’t all be gentlemen can we? The world will be boring”.

“You can at least try to act like one” Tope replied, who was finding her voice back after the initial surprise.

“Yeah, but I love my guy like that” was the only thing Wunmi could say in Wale’s defense.

The party was holding in a part of the state where Sunday had not been before. There were obviously a lot of fraternity guys around as a lot of them wore a touch of green but there were other guys wearing all sort of colors as bands and accessories. Black, blue, red, yellow and even the ladies were not left out in their shades of pink, purple and other colors. Sunday who had not being to this sort of party before just sat in a corner and just watched as booze and cigarettes were exchanged by everyone. He had never developed the taste buds for alcohol so he sat down and drank a bottle of soft drink while Bear went around greeting other guys who looked like members of the Skull fraternity and to members wearing other colors. It’s a party and everyone should just mix.

His phone rang and when he checked who it was, he found out that it was Tayo and since he did not want him to suspect anything, he went outside the hall to receive the call. Tayo was fond of checking on him just before he went to bed. Sunday had complained that it was gay but Tayo continued anyway and it did not surprise him anymore. After he hung up, he heard some whispering over the fence and his inquisitive self drew him to look over and there was a stack of building blocks there. He climbed on them and making sure he could not be seen from the other side, he peeped. What he saw was shocking and scary. He saw about 9 guys in purple clutching different types of guns and talking in hush tones but he was able to make out their quiet conversation. Their purple colors were distinct even in the night. He knew what fraternity wore purple, the Royals. Bear had said they had a clash some months back but it had been settled.

“Three of you block the three entrances and the rest of you will move in fast. If you see anybody in that place wearing anything that looks like green, shoot him”.

“Dominic, I think we should wait until the rest come so at least we can be well prepared and we will have more people. We don’t know how the Skulls came and they might have suspected us”.

“We wait another 30 minutes and then we go in and kill every one of them. This will be pay back for them killing our members six months ago”.

Sunday who by now had realized what was happening did not exactly know what to do. Should he run away, call the police or go tell Bear inside what he just seen and heard? He decided he couldn't just leave them and run, that would cause trouble for him and since the Royal boys said they will be going in 30 minutes, there was enough time to go in, warn Bear and they can put as much distance between the venue and themselves.

He got down from the pile of blocks he was standing on quietly, composed himself even though he was shaking and went in to find his sponsor.

Wale was obviously having a great time as he was dancing with Wunmi with one of his hands on her arse while the other was holding a bottle of Remmy Martins. Sunday walked up to him and tried to control his voice.

Bear we have to leave”.

Wale looked at him frowning.

“Bro I am not ready to leave yet. The fun is just starting, find Tope and dance with her”.

“Can we at least talk?”

At this Wunmi gave him a look that almost wanted to drill a hole in him.

“I am sorry Wunmi, I will bring your boyfriend in 3 minutes but I have to tell him something very urgent”.

Wale sensed the urgency in his voice and pulled him to the back of the hall.

“What’s wrong? Are you bored, why do you sound so serious all of a sudden?”

Sunday told him of what he just witnessed and the look on Wale’s face changed immediately. Sunday saw why he was called Bear.

“Are you sure of what you saw?

“I am dead serious bro we have to leave”.

Bear looked at him and shook his head. “No we don’t have to leave, in fact we won’t leave. The Skulls don’t run from a fight”.

“I know the codes and rules but except you know how to survive gunshot wounds or you are wearing a bullet proof vest, we must leave quietly”.

Wale put down the bottle of wine and turned back to party. Then he stopped and walked towards Sunday.

“Go get Wunmi and meet me where the car is parked in 5 minutes. I am the oldest member here and I can’t leave without warning the other members”.

Convincing Wunmi to go with him was no easy task. She like most girls he knew, just looked beyond him like he was invisible and he since he was not about to get killed because of some girl, he threatened her.

“We are leaving in 5 minutes so you better come along now, or you can find you own ride home”

She still refused to follow him.

“Girls!” he thought, well there is still some time left before the guys come storming in with their guns so he decided to walk on to the car so he can inform Bear. When he got to the car, Bear and Tope were already there waiting for him with a couple of other people. Some faces he recognised from the initiation and some he did not know. Most of them were getting in their cars and leaving while some others were just waiting and watching

Sunday stopped, looked around and said “There is a little problem”.

Almost immediately Bear asked, “Where is Wunmi?”

“She refused to come with me” 

“Great. I will have to go drag her out” 

He looked over at Sunday as he walked towards the hall.

“Are you coming or what?”

As they walked towards the hall, Bear pulled a 9mm out of his pocket and handed it over to Sunday and said, “just in case” 

“In case what?”

They entered the hall and saw Wunmi having a conversation with some girl. Bear did not look at the girl or respond to her greetings, he simply grabbed her by the arm, dragging her out when a gunshot went off somewhere in the hall.

(Mynd is a final year student of Mechanical Engineering at one of Nigeria's universities. When he's not busy being a nerd he spends his time writing, playing basketball, listening to music and laughing! You can reach him on

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fate? Whatever!

I don't recall the day exactly; neither the time nor place but I do remember how I felt. Looking into those eyes, I knew I would never forget them. Ever.

Is there really such a thing as destiny or fate, or are we simply delaying the inevitable trying to take control of our lives? It is disturbing to think that my life has been mapped out and all I have to do is play along. Surrender? Hmm, I don't know but decisions that I make, no matter how hard, are what I think is best for me and the situation at that moment.

Looking back is there anything I'd want to change? I'm tempted to say yes but if I did hanged anything I wouldn't know now what I should know. So whether I'm playing into the hands of destiny/fate or not I still revel in those moments, a kiss, the melt of chocolate in my mouth, a good movie or book, admiring beautiful art, even the scent of my shower gel! :D Everything can wait as I soak this all in. I can block out the voice reminding me that I need to rush to the next stop in the blueprint of my life.

I can't believe a pair of eyes got me thinking all this. Mscheeew!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Sting - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The next morning saw Sunday at home. The memories of what happened that night was still in his head but this time as though it was a dream, the thought haunted his mind throughout the night and the fact that he had no sleep was not helpful at all. It did not also help that the harmattan season was around the corner and the cold was just about setting in. No doubt bringing with it the melancholy that plagued him, he thought to himself.

They had drove him home that night in the car of one of the older members and when they arrived, some items were giving to him - a hand band, wristband and a very sharp knife. He looked at his sponsor who was beaming with pride when he asked what the knife was for.

“For protection brother” was the response he got.

Sunday looked puzzled. “Protection against what, Bear?”

Bear looked at him and smiled. “You are now one of US. You will wear our colors and our insignia will always be on your clothing. That means you will have a lot of enemies on the campus and outside it”
He continued. “But don’t worry, the fact that you are one of us is enough to drive off most people and the knife is for those who won’t budge”.

E…Err… Sunday sputtered.

“No errs” was the reply he got. “You now belong to the Skulls and you are one of us, just be bold like tonight and you will be okay”.

All through the night he had replayed the moment over again seeing the face of the guy he killed and thinking what if he was the one that was on that ground. Sleep did not come as every sound drove him more awake and alive than ever. This was not what his mum told him to do and yet here he was. A member of a frat!

He decided to skip the morning lectures but he had a test at 2:30pm he could not miss. He spent the larger part of the day sleeping in his room and ignoring several knocks by his neighbors checking on him as was their habit. At eleven he finally dragged himself out of bed, had a bath and made sure he put on clothes that would cover his back and chest to conceal the floggings he had received during the long process of initiation. Luckily, he did not have a girlfriend and so taking off his shirt was impossible. He just had to get through this day.

He had told his neighbors he would be spending some time with his friends on the school’s campus and told his campus friends he would be travelling home to see his mother back home. He could not even let them suspect a thing as that would be disastrous.

As he headed to school carrying his normal backpack a thought told him to carry the knife but the security at the gate carry out random searches within the school premises so he left it at home instead. He had the Green hand band on though, he was a member now and that means he can’t be harassed by anyone. People will also naturally assume that the band was an accessory to his dressing and won’t notice.

He arrived at the park and wanted to board the nearest bus he could find but there was a little rush which resulted in a scramble. In the process, someone stepped on his shoe in an attempt to get in and he let out a sharp hiss. The guy looked back and murmured a “sorry” when he noticed the hand band as Sunday bent down to wipe his shoe.

Another sorry came out of the guy’s lips, “I am so sorry, I did not know or see you”.

Sunday looked up surprised at the unusual barrage of apologies and noticed that the guy’s face was white and he waved off his apology impatiently.

“Never mind, it is just dust”.

 “I was careless and I will pay your transport fare just to show how sorry I am”. The guy replied,

Sunday never got this kind of treatment before, most times people act like he did not exist and now this dude wants to pay for his transportation fare! No problem.

He pulled his ear piece from his pocket, plugged it into his phone and started playing some of his favorite songs, falling into a world of his own. He had not prepared for the test but he was not concerned. He had finished the material on the course and there was nothing he could not answer about the course.
He got off the bus right inside the school and true to his words; the guy paid his fare and did not even wait for a thank you. He shrugged it off and started the long 10 minute walk to his faculty where he spends all his time. In fact, he does not go elsewhere in school but there. The walk was longer than usual as the pain he had endured during the past days started coming back to him especially his back where he was hit by a steel pipe in order to test his strength.

This was going to be one hell of a day, Sunday thought to himself for the umpteenth time.


The day went well considering, the test was done and he found it easier than he expected. The only difficult part was lying to his friends who asked about his mum and some who were asking for what he bought on the 5 hour journey. That was cool, his friends he could handle especially his best friend Tayo.

Tayo was one of those people who was born into a rich family but did not act like he has a penny to his name. He rejected going to a private school and also refused the car his dad got him when he was matriculated as he said he wanted to experience school like all the other students. Sunday shared everything with Tayo and until recently, he had no reason to lie or hide anything from him.

Tayo was the first to notice the band but he did not talk until they were alone on their way to the cafeteria.

“Nice hand band dude, where did you get it?”

Sunday had already rehearsed a story for that event and he was good at lying. Keep it short and simple.

“I got it from one of my cousins. I think it looks good”.

 “Yeah it does but it also dangerous”. Tayo replied

Sunday feigned a puzzled look. “Dangerous?”

“Well only members of the Skulls wear stuff which are green around here and you know it. If one of them came around, you might get in a whole lot of trouble my friend”.

Sunday waved him off.

“They will probably ask for money or demand I remove it and I will, simple. “Come to think of it, is the school color not green? It shows that I am a true student of this school and I am proud of the school jorh”.

That was when he noticed that Tayo was smiling. The kind of smile when he about to do something extremely silly.

“Why in hell are you smiling?”

“That is because a beautiful woman is coming behind you”.

Sunday spun around in time to see Sandra coming towards them. She is Tayo’s girlfriend and they were very much in love. Beside her was her roommate, Anita, whom Sunday had tried to woo but the girl turned him down ruthlessly. Perhaps he was not skillful enough or she just did not like him because unlike Tayo, he could not afford expensive gifts or call long hours and such. He had ignored it and moved on but he always avoided her. No point letting her gloat over him.

He looked into his phone like he was late for something and was trying to leave when Sandra grabbed him and gave him a tight hug which made even Tayo frown.

“Hey, how can you hug him before me, and how come the hug was that tight?”

Sunday was still caught in the moment when Sandra kissed Tayo on the check.

“How are you boys?” she asked before turning to Sunday.

“How come you did not buy bread while coming? And you did not even call when you were with your mum?”

“I am sorry, I was real busy helping out with the shop and stuff and my cell phone battery was dead most of the time”

Sunday looked towards Anita and held out his hands. “How are you doing today beautiful?”

A frown showed up on Anita’s face.


He saw an angle of attack and took it. “Well you are beautiful. One of the most beautiful girls I know”.
Anita who has had a lot of experience with guys was not moved and her response was as before, hurtful.

“Tayo can’t you just teach your friend how to woo and compliment a lady rightly? He is cute and all but those lines are just old”.

Right there and then, Sunday felt like dying. Sandra cut in with a smile.

“Just because you don’t like him does not mean another lady won’t find them attractive you know”

 Anita in her usual blunt manner replied, “I doubt it”.

Sunday had a flash back of the previous night and right there imagined that Anita was the person he shot and a small smile appeared on his face. Tayo noticed it and asked as the girls moved past them and into the cafeteria.

“Why is your face lighting up?”

“I just remembered something that happened while at home with my cousins. Nothing important”

He had barely stepped into the cafeteria when his phone rang. It was his sponsor calling and Sunday wrestled with thoughts on whether to pick up the call.

(Mynd is a final year student of Mechanical Engineering at one of Nigeria's universities. When he's not busy being a nerd he spends his time writing, playing basketball, listening to music and laughing! You can reach him on 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The IMSU Diary - 3

...Taking a peek...

The Library

Is there anything special about this place, apart from finding textbooks or handout to read? Some also go there to sleep. I, myself, me don't like going there but was passing by on a boring day so I decided to take a shot.

Just as I thought, the atmosphere dey make person sleep. It's very cool and noiseless. Well I don't blame the chic sha.... maybe it's been a hectic day for her...

- Chimezie

(to be continued)...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Sting - Chapter 1

This post kicks off a short story by one of my favourite writers. I can't wait to finish this book! :D

Chapter 1

His arms were sweaty, even in the mid night breeze. His throat was dry and it was hurting. His outstretched hand felt like it carried more weight than he can handle even with both hands. The moon was out, full and shining high up in the cloudless night and even with that, he could not see properly.
His vision was blurred, not by the blood clot that formed behind his head as a result of a concussion he suffered when a blow was delivered to the back of his head some days ago, but from the reality of what he was trying to do.

There was a gust of cool wind and that was warmed up by the heat from the fire which was burning less than 20 feet away from him. The fire they had started and danced around throughout the better part of the night, a night that has led to this one moment of truth where he was to prove his worth and show that he is strong enough to be called a member and that he would not betray them.

Voices all around him emitted words which, naturally, he should have been able to make out but this was not the time, his mind was focused on just one thing which was the task ahead of him. The advice given to him by his sponsor came to his mind.

Just close your mind and try not to think of it”.

That was the only advice he got and if that would help him get through this test was a mystery to him. He knew he could not fail this, at least not after going through the whole torture they put him through.
He had fainted and was revived, he had been beaten, locked in a coffin for three days and he could take all that but right now, this final test was proving to be the most dangerous and the most difficult of all the others.

Remember the son of who you are”

His mother’s words flashed in his head as the memory of his promise, to be in the very best behavior in university, was being broken. In fact all his choices had been wrong according to how his mum and society would view it but he has had to do it to belong and associate in campus.

His hands wrapped around a gun facing a badly beaten and bleeding student, whose only crime had been his bad luck for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This student whom he did not know is now the final test for whether he was fit to join the confraternity. He won’t survive this even if he decided to ‘chicken’ out and not pull the trigger. He had seen and heard too much to be left and he would be killed by the senior members.

He lifted his weary eyes off the victim and looked around the gathering in the bush where the initiation was taking place and could make out their faces watching him. He could not fail now as he would also be killed. A crazy idea flashed in his head to turn the gun around and face them but he was inexperienced in the use of a gun and even if he was, he was outnumbered and he doubted if he had enough bullets.

They all had the same anxious look. Expecting him to pull the trigger and become a member. His sponsor as usual in the initiations was absent and he wished he was here. Perhaps he would be able to say something or his face might read an expression that will help him right now. He looked back at the victim and back at the older members.

He opened his mouth and words came out.I am sorry.

In unison they approached him. The one they call Butcher raising his automatic rifle in the direction of the recruit was not about to waste time in doing what should be done. The boy looked back at the victim on the ground, bit his lips, closed his eyes and saw a bright light which suddenly went off. He opened his eyes and saw the victim on the ground looking back directly into his eyes as he tried to say something. The night once filled with noise of insects and nocturnal life suddenly went still, only interrupted by the smoke that bellowed from the gun’s mouthpiece.

Butcher dropped the angle of his gun, his face expressionless as the wind blew in his face. The smell of smoke from the wood which was burning mixed with that of gun powder and blood. The Don rose from his chair and let out a smile.

“Sunday, welcome to the brotherhood of the Skulls, from today you will be called STING”.

Sunday took his eyes from his first victim after watching him bleed to death as a result of the bullets he shot into his head and chest. Still holding the gun, he dropped his hand and turned his gaze towards the members and smiled.

“I live to serve the brotherhood and for the rest of my life, I will serve it”.

The wind was still blowing softly but this time, it carried death in it as someone has been committed to the great beyond. In the darkness beyond the clearing, the insects begun with their noises again oblivious to what just happened. Some members came to drag the victim’s body away and dispose of it so it is not discovered by the police.

The group broke out in a song to welcome Sting into his new circle of friends.

(Mynd is a final year student of Mechanical Engineering at one of Nigeria's universities. When he's not busy being a nerd he spends his time writing, playing basketball, listening to music and laughing! You can reach him on


It isn't always easy to share the intimate part of your soul with another person. First, we are very lucky if we can find that person who would care enough to know and still love you regardless. Secondly, even if you do find that special someone - friend, lover, sibling - to make you care enough to want to share at all, can you share without holding back?

I think I have been honest 'enough' with my dear and near ones and there is almost nothing I can't talk about. In the light of this why is it still a struggle to get that one thing out? Why can I talk to a stranger about this one thing and not to the ones I love? Is it that I fear judgement or pity? I guess its because I might never see that stranger again, making it seem as if the burden has travelled far away never to return.

I have been brutally honest with you dear ones, but that was only because I know you so well and that we'll be as good as new in the end. If only I could say the same for everyone, because its only a matter of time till I  lose some of you. The clock is ticking.

Dear ones, don't feel as though I don't or can't trust you, despite the countless things you share with me. Its just that I fear I may never forget once I've told you. Weird, right? Give me a little time and this burden of mine which you so want to share with me will be gladly offered.

I love you. You do know that, right? :)

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