Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wizkid on the Juice with Toolz

The Ndani team and Toolz were able to kidnap Wizkid long enough for a quick interview. He spoke all about his new celebrity friends, his long-standing crush on a particular Nollywood actress…and not to mention toolz' favourite thing ever….SHOES!!!! Happy viewing!


Happy new month friends! The weather is noticeably getting cooler, no threats of being sun burnt, heat stroke not to mention sweating all over your favourite dress and please don’t get me started on the stickiness! Ahhh, sweet November.

While I love winter there is always the threat of tonsillitis which has always been my companion during this time for some years now so I look forward to it in excitement and dread. The irony.

Is it just me or are you guys also freaked out by how quickly this year is coming to an end?!! Where did it all go? If I am to go over my resolutions and achievements this year would it amount to much?

Looks like the end-of-the-year blues is getting to me early. Rather than wait for it to settle in and kill my joy I better get working on striking some things off my list. Procrastination is a killer and I only seem to realize it when it’s almost late. Is there any such thing as a chronic procrastinator? I guess it would make me feel better about myself if there was one to admit that :D

Come to think of it, I was meant to clear my statements before making dinner then going to meet someone. I’ll be right back!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Venus Williams Arrives in Lagos

Venus Williams has arrived Lagos this evening via a Turkish Airline. Her sister who wasn't with her is expected to arrive by 9pm today too.

Serena and Venus are expected to pay a courtesy visit to Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola at the State House in Marina, with a media parley and a tennis clinic to hold at the Tennis Section of Ikoyi Club.

Then on Thursday, they will pay a visit to Government College, Osborne Road, Ikoyi and a red carpet Gala slated for the Federal Palace Hotel in the evening. Another exhibition match at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan is scheduled for Friday before their departure same day.

Video Interview: Tonto Dikeh talks about her career and the man in her life

It is no news the negative and hilarious reactions Tonto Dikeh received over the release of her singles 'Hi' and 'Itz Ova' (mainly Hi) and this sparked a cyber overload nationwide. Trust Nigerians with their bad mouth even a video was made to that effect and while I felt bad for her I couldn't help but laugh my ass off!

'Hi' unofficial video by My Backyard Crew

Unconfirmed stories of being dumped by her record label and a secret wedding to Mikel Obi, soccer star and recent owner of MMM record label was everywhere. Before that it was Wizkid. Hmmm.

Trust Tonto, she came back fierce saying she would back down and will continue making music. Much to the disappointment of most Nigerians.

Well in an interview yesterday with IrokTV, Tonto Dikeh talks about the man in her life, career and more.

This is what she had to say about her relationship

I’m a grown woman I’m not young anymore, so definitely I have someone in my life that I love…that I love to death, i love him, i love him, he makes me happy, he makes me laugh. He’s making me blush, but I can’t talk about him, that’s all  I can say.

She also said the reason she sign with KasBeats was to avoid falling like Genevieve and Omotola.

Watch the interview

Download the songs


Monday, 29 October 2012

Omotola or Not?

The georgeous Nollywood actress Omotola Jolade Ekeinde is making news again. Being a mother of 4 children she still looks flaming hot rocking the Red Carpet.

Celebrities have their pictures altered before their release to the media but do you think this is Omotola's body?

Nollywood Actress Omotola Revealing

Omotola Model

Sunday, 28 October 2012

VIDEO: Kaduna Bomb Blast

Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Please do not watch it if you can't stomach the result of the suicide attack.

A Day of Rest?

I turned on my laptop to the news of the bomb blast in Kaduna. I read a suicide bomber hit St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Malali, GRA Kaduna. The attack occurred this morning during the morning mass. The actual number of victims is yet to be ascertained but reports say the Reverend father is seriously injured. The suicide bomber’s half blown body is surrounded by emergency services.

The deteriorating state of affairs in Nigeria is way past alarming. Why won't people live and let live?
How can these bombers claim they are fighting for anything when it is unclear what they are fighting for and taking innocent lives! I doubt the Quran teaches this and it angers me when people use religion as a justification for violence.

I can only do my bit by praying for those poor people and their families in church today. At the same time thank God for my life and those of my family and loved ones.

Happy Sunday folks.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

This is Me!

Welcome Guys!
I was worried about what to put in my first post and thought to myself, if I didn't know what to put in my first post then I’m doomed to fail. However, as my fingers started moving on the keyboard, stringing words together, I found that the words actually made sense! Hmm…

I have always loved to read and if there’s one thing I am known for it would be that! Writing on the other hand has been a guilty pleasure of mine but never had the guts to actually go for it. Why, you ask? There’s no complex answer really, I’m just a coward! Opening this blog is my first step towards exploring my passions and most importantly sharing it with you all. Besides being my virtual diary, I will be blogging on other interests which involves art, fashion and gossip as well  :p

Opening this blog is exciting for me and more so discovering where it will lead to; the new friendships, lessons, opportunities and all the moments that keep redefining and shaping my life.

This blog is also about YOU so please don’t feel shy to drop a line now and then, it will be highly appreciated and encouraging to me as well. You wouldn't want to be a dream killer now, would you? You can follow me on twitter and drop me a message anytime.

Lots of Love

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