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The Sting - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Wale shook his head and smiled at her before walking over to Wunmi to give her a hug. He held her for some seconds and just soaked in the smell of her hair when he noticed the Tope was behind him with her hands at her waist. He drew away and sat down on the only chair in the room while Wunmi sat on his laps. He moved a strand of hair that came to her face and planted a kiss on her lips. He looked into her eyes and saw the look of worry on her face.

“Everything is going to be alright. I am on top of it to make sure it is under control”.

That did not make the worried look on her face leave as she was still in shock over what happened the night before and could not believe how close she was to being killed over an issue she knew nothing about, and the thought that Wale was not worried about it or that he was not even scared made her more worried. She had heard rumors of things like this happening but she had never witnessed it before. 

It was like a scene from a movie and she still could not believe she was in it, yet she was. She had tried to sleep the whole day off but she kept tossing and turning on the bed, startled by any sound she heard. Even though Wale had told her that the environment she lived was dominated by the Skulls, she could not help but be worried that something might happen. 

When he dropped them off the previous night, he said he wanted to go sort some things out with the other members of the fraternity and something told her that might be another fight even though he said he doubted it. She just wanted him to hold her all through the night and she would be sure he was safe in her arms. 

However, she knew who and what he was from the moment he asked her out. He never hid the fact that he belonged to a fraternity and she had come to love him irrespective of that. He had being good with her and gentle but the events of the night before shook her more than anything. Worse was that she couldn't discuss it with anyone. 

Tope her roommate too was scared but had always envied that Wunmi was dating a top guy and she was more excited about the events than scared. Perhaps because she had not witnessed it all as it went down.

Wunmi was brought back from her thought by Wale’s voice and she faked a smile.

“I am sure it is. So I hope this will not cause the school to be closed. I cannot stand going home for now”.

Wale had not thought of the possibility of that happening and he did not factor it into his arrangements but one thing was sure, the events happened outside school grounds so it was in the jurisdiction of the police just like a usual crime and so the school cannot be affected. 

He saw the smile on her face and he knew she faked it to make him think she is okay. He did not know what else to say or do as she had seen too much the night before and she was strong if he really thought about it. Most people would be shaken right now but here she was seated on his laps as if all she needed was for him to be with her.

He knew she wanted him to spend the night but he was too busy, he had to make sure the fight did not blow out and if it did he had to make sure the other members knew what they were up to and not caught by surprise. He was the most senior member to witness the fight which meant he also had to report to the top guns so they could assess the situation. 

He had no doubt that she loved him and he began to regret that he invited her to the party. He looked over to Tope who sat on the bed, fiddling with her phone trying to avoid and ignore them. She looked happy enough and he was not surprised. She did not see what really happened and she probably had Wunmi tell her but that could not be compared with the trauma Wunmi went through. His thoughts went to Sting, thinking how he had been the one who noticed him and became friends with him, introduced him to Skulls and almost had him killed. No doubt after the incident Sting is going to be promoted within the ranks of the fraternity. He showed incredible bravery no doubt and saved his life more than once.

“Hey, wake up!”

Wale looked up towards the voice and realized that Wunmi had been watching him.

 “You need to get more sleep”.

He smiled and nodded. “Well checking on you is more important that sleeping, I have to make sure you are alright plus I missed your voice, the smell of your hair and the feel of your skin. I love you babe and I am sorry you had to pass through that last night. I really am”.

“Hey don’t worry; I had a nice time at the party though before those thugs decided to crash it. So how is your friend? I trust he is okay”.

At this Tope joined the discussion. “Wale you still haven’t told me where you hid him ooo. I have to say my thank you to him personally”.

Now Wale was lost.

“Who are we talking about here?”

Tope almost did not allow him finish the question before answering.

“The charming guy we went to the party with last night. You introduced him to us as Sting and from the stories that Wunmi told me, he saved our lives”.

Wale allowed himself to smile a little, “Well he should be in his house right now. I called him when I was coming here and he said he was heading home to do some silly assignments. But he is okay and I will send your thanks. Now if you girls are not too busy, perhaps you can prepare something for me to eat. I am starving”.

“My food is reserved for Sting you can asked the doll sitting on your laps to prepare you food” with that she went back to her phone.

Wale looked and Wunmi as she gave him a kiss and headed into the small kitchen in their one room hostel.

Tope pretended to be busy with her phone but she was more preoccupied with other things. She had made Wunmi tell her what exactly happened in the hall over and over again and each time she heard the story, she felt jealous and curious. Jealous because she had never had anyone that was as caring as Wale, she had always thought Wunmi was the luckiest girl in school. She was curious because she had never heard of Sting before. She had met most of Wale’s friends but this new guy, who from the stories saved everyone, was strange and something in her pushed her towards him. A little voice inside her whispered she liked him but she dismissed him. It can’t happen, at least not with someone she barely knew.

Well she might not know him but what stops her from getting to know him better? Wale was here and he could give her his details and stuff, even if it is just to say thanks to him, she did not mind as long as her curiosity was satisfied.

She rolled and saw that Wale was already eating while Wunmi was sitting on the table, they were talking in hushed voices and she rolled her eyes.

“Hey Wale, can I use your phone for a second?”

Wale removed his phone from his pocket and tossed it at her and went back to eating while Wunmi frowned.

He looked up and saw her frowning. “Why are you frowning?”

Wunmi was not about to hide her discomfort at Tope’s request for his phone and the fact that he gave it to her did not make her comfortable.

“Don’t worry, she will return it soon” he added.

Tope caught the phone and was about going through the contacts when she discovered that it had been password protected. She looked up, upset.

“You should have told me you couldn't give me. What is the point in giving me your phone when I don’t know your password?”

Wale took his last spoonful from the plate. “You did not really think I would just give you my phone without knowing why, did you?” 

“Okay fine, I want Sting’s number; I want to say thanks since I don’t trust you to do it for me”.

Wale looked to Wunmi and she nodded. 

He collected the phone back, unlocked it and read out the number to Tope who saved it on her phone with all eagerness.

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