Sunday, 7 April 2013

Weird: Dogs Wearing Pantyhose??!

Aah! When will I ever learn not to get blown away by what I read on the world wide web! These days nothing should surprise me but once in a while they find a way to strike hard at me. Are they for real? Dogs....pantyhose? Well, its China so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Thank you Huffington Post for sharing, we really needed to see this :-/

I just feel sorry for the animals having being inflicted with such owners. I get its for laughs but have we run out of things to laugh at? With the 'Oga at the top' stunts, Justin Bieber, Tonto Dikeh's 'Hi' track, Goodluck Jonathan, Romney and most things made in China.
C'mon now, people! Hehehe!



  2. Putting pantyhose on dogs is mean. My mom use to dress me in pantyhose and make me wear them to school. I wouldn't like this to happen to anybody that shouldn't be wearing pantyhose including dogs.


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