Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bonds and Winning

I have been meaning to update this blog for some days now, and for the life of me I cannot say exactly what has been holding me back but I made it! I dodged the frontal assault of idle browsing, jumped over the incoming tackle from distraction, avoided the taser shot from Nairaland that keeps me occupied and TOUCHDOWN! Oh yeah *high five*

Last week passed with a little less adventure, except for an endorsement I got at work, got a title (actually 2) and had a sleep over at one of my besties. With the pressure of work, daily struggles and commitment it is hard to stay in touch with those people that matter but last Thursday my bestie and I made it a point to put all that aside and relax on her birthday. There was food, gossip, ass-shaking, project runway in our nighties and lots of cupcakes! I got back home feeling drained but excited only to be told I'm too old for this sort of thing. Don't mind him, bad belle!

I was in an intense conversation earlier with another bestie on lost friendships, being the best person we can in the face of hurt and having a conscience. During this conversation I noticed that over the past month the universe has been reminding me of humanity. How fragile, ugly, vulnerable and beautiful it is! Not all friendships are meant to last and that is because there is something we are meant to learn from that experience to shape all other friendships and relationships yet to come.

Reading the interview of Nigerian comedy actor, John Okafor (Mr Ibu), which I will post next, shed some light on his childhood, career and marriage. For all the hardships and struggles he went through to be successful it payed off in the end. I couldn't help but smile at the end of the interview and I thank God for his life.

On this Sunday my prayer for myself and you all is that for all we go through in our lives, we will come out victorious and winners, live to enjoy it and tell our story. Amen.

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