Monday, 12 November 2012

Hilarious, ridiculous Prayers!

It is Yvonne Nelson's birthday today, the beautiful Ghanaian actress turns 27 and I wish her all the best and success in her life.

However, one thing that prompted me to take interest in her today is this one scene in a movie she featured in that sends me into fits of laughter whenever I remember it. Its funnier because I can relate to it and have been guilty of such. Well, not exactly the same words but the same prayer said with passion and brazen familiarity!

So Yvonne plays a single woman in the movie 4 Play - Reloaded, who is sick of all the lost and messed up relationships and is looking for 'love'. In this scene she gets down on her knees for a heart to heart chat with God.

Her prayer:
Father, everlasting Lord and King. Father it's been 4 weeks since I last Were Intimate but you know me now, that's a very very long time. Lord I don't know if you know how it is living in this part of the universe, it's really really hard. I'm a woman without a man to call her own. 
Father I have come this morning to ask you a little tiny favour, just a small one. Father I need a man in my life, not some small boy or not a man like Jake who likes other men, or is trying not to like men. Hmmm! God I need a real man, a man in whose arms I can lie in all day. God its not like I'm giving you conditions or anything you see this man shouldn't be too rich or too poor. he should have 2 to 3 cars, oh wait no, 4, yeah 4 cars, one for him 3 for me. But u see he has to be a tall guy, nothing below 6ft, chocolate complexion with a dimple but listen no pot bellies please I beg you!! 6 pack straight up! 

God in my modest estimation I prefer a model to be husband after all, listen he should be an American or British you know wha I mean? that's what's up! he should have a 6 zero domiciliary account with Barclay bank and he should be willing to make me a co-signatory to that account. God no wait wait wait, he should actually make me the co-signatory of that account. God I know you are a good God and I know you've heard my prayer. God if you have been then give me a sign God let me have a phone call from someone right now someone I least expect. God I'm waiting (she waits) ....

Hahahaha, African women and prayer!

At one point in our lives, there is a moment of desperation, over what seemed like life-and-death at the time, where we make all sorts of promises in return for a favour. I can't help but feel a little sorry for the big guy upstairs LOL!

Watch the clip here:

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  1. Most times, our prayers are unrealistic and just darned selfish but that's what we do as humans.

    But the woman/character there if I will say has low self esteem and is really not seeking to be independent but looking for a mynd to rely on which might be her biggest problem


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