Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mrs Somebody - Uche Jumbo At Her Funniest!

I stumbled upon this video clip on YouTube and it really cracked me up!! This is a clip from the Nollywood movie Mrs Somebody (2012).

Mrs Somebody synopsis
After a motivational speech from her pastor, a woman of marriageable age who is desperate to get married proceeds to purchase a wedding gown, in anticipation that her boyfriend will propose to her. 
Starring Uche Jombo, Yemi Blaq, Kenneth Okolie and Directed by Desmond Elliot & Tomrobson

After watching the clip I just had to go on iROKO TV to watch the full movie and I wasn't disappointed. Uche with her usual 'gra-gra' was fun to watch at the same time it was quite sad seeing the lengths Nigerian women will go through to get married, all because the society makes it that way.

Imagine Uche with a cane her whip in both hands, flogging the floor as she makes this 'prayer':

"Spirit of singleness, I command you
Spirit of loneliness, DIE, DIE, DIE
Spirit of late marriage, DIE, Fall down and die
Spirit of Promise and fail, I reject, I rebuke, I reject
I cast, Fall down and DIE, DIE, DIE
I am killing them, DIE
Whether the devil likes it or not,
I am getting married this year"

Hahahaha! I learnt alot and this is one movie I won't be forgetting so soon. 

Some good lines from the movie:
You’re not exactly a spring chicken at 35, you know. Do you want your kids to call you grandpa?
- Barbara Soki

There I was thinking I had misjudged you. Your mother’s a good sales person, you’re just a bad product.
- Uche JR

I’d rather travel by road than by air. At least that way my corpse will be found

-Barbara Soki

Uche’s friend: You bought a wedding dress without choosing a wedding date

Uche: The pastor challenged us to take a bold step of faith. That (wedding dress) is my bold step of faith
Uche’s friend: Has he even proposed
Uche: He'll propose in Jesus name.

Uche Jombo: There was this dream I had about Coco Jnr. By the way Coco is our first son obviously after we get married
Yomi Blaq: We’re not going to get married. In fact, this relationship is over. Tomorrow morning, get your things and leave
Uche Jombo: I bind, I rebuke, I reject, I cast back to the abyss!!! Jehovah Jireh, you said we should possess our possessions. I release, I release, My Bible tells me whatever is bound in heaven is bound on earth.

Film Clip



  1. Spirit of loneliness. That's something new

    1. I was surprised myself. Spirit of singleness was a shocker for me too :D


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